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The MONETARY REFORM MOVEMENT is reaching full bore!

Presenting the American Monetary Act (as of July 18, 2009)
©2009 American Monetary Institute, P.O. Box 601, Valatie, NY 12184 518-392-5387

“Over time, whoever controls the money system controls the nation.”
Stephen Zarlenga, Director

Dear Friends,

The World economy has been taken down and wrecked by the financial establishment and their economists;and by their supporters in the media they own, and even by some in the executive and legislative branches, in the name of “free markets” and insatiable greed. Shame! Shame on them all!

The American Monetary Act (the “Act”) is a comprehensive reform of the present United States money system, and it resolves the current banking crisis. “Reform” is not in its title, because the AMI considers our monetary system to never have been adequately defined in law, but rather to have been put together piecemeal under pressure from particular interests, mainly banking, in pursuit of their own private advantage, without enough regard to our nation’s needs.

That is the harsh judgment of history as made clear in The Lost Science of Money, by Stephen Zarlenga (abbreviated LSM).*

That book presents the research results of The American Monetary Institute to date and this Act puts the reform process described in Chapter 24 into legislative language. Chapters 1 thru 23 present the historical background and case studies on which Chapter 24 is based.

We recommend serious students of our money system read the book now, and suggest that those who’ve read it read it again.

This Act has been in preparation since December 2004 and was placed on our web site for public criticism in February 2006, and concurrently released in Philadelphia at the Eastern Economic Association Conference, for general comment.

It draws from and improves a previous proposal known as “The Chicago Plan,” which was advanced by Professors Henry Simons, Irving Fisher and other leading economists in the 1930s in response to the wreckage of the Great Depression, which resulted from our poorly conceived banking system.

This Act is more comprehensive and includes improvements to infrastructure, including the human infrastructure of health care and education.

While The American Monetary Institute is responsible for its present form, the Act is based on Aristotelian monetary concepts in existence since at least the 4th century BC and employed successfully in a variety of monetary systems since then, ranging from democratic Athens to republican Rome.

It is not merely a theory -its main elements have a long history of successful implementation in major societies around the world, including the American Colonies and the United States. These concepts enabled us to first establish the U.S. and then to maintain it as one nation.

The current text of the Act (continuing to be developed) is presented on the right side of each page.

On the left appears an explanation of the terminology and why it’s necessary. A background explanation is presented after each Title. Then the next Title is considered.

This is still an open process – suggestions and criticisms are welcomed.

This five page form of the Act is a structural summary, which gets more detailed and fleshed out by legislative aides preparing it for introduction into Congress as a Bill.

The Need for Monetary Reform serves as a preface to the American Monetary Act.
You are invited to join in this citizen’s movement and demand for monetary reform! Attend the AMI Monetary Reform Conference held annually in Chicago at Roosevelt University each September.
Stephen Zarlenga
Director, AMI
* Please see The Lost Science of Money book for the case histories that demonstrate in detail, the points of
this pamphlet.

The Need for Monetary Reform

Monetary reform is the critical missing element needed to move humanity back from the brink of economic destruction and nuclear disaster, away from a future dominated by fraud, ugliness and warfare, toward a world of justice and beauty.

The power to create money is an awesome power – at times stronger than the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers combined.

It’s like having a “magic checkbook,” where checks can’t bounce.

When controlled privately - but backing upon the government granting of legal monopoly privileges- it can be used to gain riches, but much more importantly it determines the direction of our society by deciding where the money goes – what gets funded and what does not.

Will it be used to build and repair vital infrastructure such as the New Orleans levees and Minneapolis bridges to protect major cities? Or will it go into warfare and real estate loans creating the real estate bubble – leading to a crash and depression.

Thus the money issuing power should never be alienated from democratically elected government and placed ambiguously into private hands as it is in America in the Federal Reserve System today.

Indeed, most people would be surprised to learn that the bulk of our money supply is not created by our government, but by private banks when they make loans. Through the fractional reserve process the system creates “money” when banks make loans into accounts; so most of our money is issued as interest-bearing debt (see page 14 below).

Under the Constitution, Article I, Sec. 8, our government has the sovereign power to issue money and spend it into circulation to promote the general welfare, for example, through the creation and repair of infrastructure, including human infrastructure - health and education - rather than misusing the money system for speculation as banking has
historically done; periodically causing one crisis after another. Our lawmakers must now reclaim that power!

Money has value because of skilled people, resources, and infrastructure, working together in a supportive social and legal framework. Money is the indispensable lubricant that lets them “run.” It is not tangible wealth in itself, but a power to obtain wealth.

Money is an abstract social power based in law; and whatever government accepts in
payment of taxes and bestows legal tender will be money. Money’s value is not created by the private corporations that now control it.

As Aristotle wrote: “Money exists not by nature but by law.”

Unhappily, mankind’s experience with private money creation has undeniably been a long history of fraud, mismanagement and even villainy, and the present crisis could become the worst yet! Banking abuses are pervasive and self-evident. Major banks and companies focus on abusing the money system instead of production. Billions have been stolen, trillions more are being shamelessly grabbed in so called bailouts! Much of our leadership is acting like patsies, instead of protecting our people as the financiers rape America and the whole world.

Private money creation through “fractional reserve” banking fosters an unprecedented concentration of wealth which destroys the democratic process and ultimately promotes military imperialism.
Less than 1% of the population now claims ownership of almost 50% of the wealth, but vital infrastructure is ignored.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gives a D grade to our infrastructure and says it will soon be a D-; and estimates that $2.2 trillion is needed to bring it to safe levels over the next 5 years!

That fact alone shows the world’s dominant money system to be a major failure crying for reform.

Infrastructure repair would provide quality employment throughout the nation. There is a pretense that government must either borrow or tax to get the money for such projects. But it is well enough known that the government can directly create the money needed and spend it into circulation for such projects, without inflationary results.

A reformed monetary/banking system can make this happen NOW!

Monetary reform is achieved with three elements which must be enacted together for it to work. Any one or any two of them alone won’t do it, but would further harm the reform process. The reform has its best chance of passage in this severe monetary crisis created by the privatized money system. Considering that the same establishment controls our weapons systems, this may be humanities only chance for reform, to stop the now obvious slide of our middle class into slavery or some form of “Disney Fascism.”

First, incorporate the Federal Reserve System into the U.S. Treasury where all new money would be created by government as money, not interest-bearing debt; and be spent into circulation to promote the general welfare.

The monetary system would be monitored to be neither inflationary nor deflationary.

Second, halt the bank’s privilege to create money by ending the fractional reserve system in a gentle and elegant way.

All the past monetized private credit would be converted into U.S. government money. Banks would then act as intermediaries accepting savings deposits and loaning them out to borrowers. They would do what people think they do now.

This Act nationalizes the money system, not the banking system. Banking is not a proper function of government, but providing the nation’s money supply is a government prerogative!

Third, spend new money into circulation on 21st century eco-friendly infrastructure and energy sources, including the education and healthcare needed for a growing and improving society, starting with the $2.2 trillion that the CivilEngineers estimate is needed for infrastructure repair; creating good jobs across our nation, re-invigorating local economies and re-funding local government at all levels.

The false specter of inflation is usually raised against such suggestions that our government fulfill its responsibility to furnish the nation’s money supply. But that is a knee-jerk reaction - the result of decades, even centuries of propaganda against government.*

When one actually examines the monetary record, it becomes clear that government has a far
superior record in issuing and controlling money than the private issuers have had.* Inflation is avoided because real material wealth has been created in the process. Research and development of superior pollution-free technologies is facilitated.

What we're proposing builds upon the “Chicago Plan” which came out of University of Chicago economists in the 1930s and was widely supported nationwide by the economics profession back then. It was thought to be the next immediate step in the reforms coming out of the Great Depression. This was before that important university and most other university economics departments went over to the “dark side” with their free market worship.

That’s a religion with no supporting evidence that ignores the facts which clearly disprove it.

Lawmakers have often believed they could ignore the big questions on how our money system is structured. Right from the Constitutional Convention delegates ignored society’s monetary power and the excellent record of government issued money in building colonial infrastructure and giving us a nation.*
They left the money power up for grabs, when properly estimating it would have meant placing it in a fourth monetary branch of government. “We marvel that they saw so much, but they saw not all things” wrote Civil War General and money reformer Benjamin
Franklin Butler 80 years later.

My Friends, our Great Task is to complete that part of government left inadequately defined by the founders; to more precisely define the money power in our society and bring it securely within the proven system of checks and balances they established.

History shows that the money power will act like a fourth branch whether we recognize it as such or not. It’s not safe to leave so much power and privilege in private hands! It’s counter to our system of checks and balances.

The current developing crisis requires us to re-evaluate and focus on it now. We must not shrink from our responsibility to begin implementing the long known solutions to this problem.
We start by placing the “money power” within our government where it obviously belongs.
Or would you prefer to let “Enron” continue to control it, and us? And yes - Enron was on the Dallas Fed Board!

As the late Congressman Wright Patman, Chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency for over 16 years, said,

"I have never yet had anyone who could, through the use of logic and reason, justify the Federal Government borrowing the use of its own money....I believe the time will come when people will demand that this be changed. I believe the time will come in this country when they will actually blame you and me and everyone else connected with the Congress for sitting idly by and permitting such an idiotic system to continue.”

Friends, look around you. That time has certainly come! Awaken – get up and fight for your family and nation.

Thanks for your attention,
Stephen Zarlenga
*Please see The Lost Science of Money book by
Stephen Zarlenga for the case histories that demonstrate
in detail, the points of this pamphlet.
AMI is a registered
501c3 Publicly Supported Charitable Trust."

De aquí:

También en UK existe un proyecto de reforma similar. Podeis encontrarlo aquí:

Y aquí varios portales muy completos llenos de referencias y materiales sobre el mismo tema:

Hala! A estudiar. THINK. THINK. THINK!

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Hace un par de días charlaba con Arkesis acerca del colapso creciente del sistema en el que vivimos y el efecto aún más creciente habitual: El aumento exponencial del desamparo y el número de desamparados, incluidos nosotros mismos y nuestros hijos y nietos.

Desde el final de la WWII, la gran mayoría de la humanidad occidental ha trabajado, luchado y corrido para alcanzar un SUEÑO.

A partir de ahora, nosotros, nuestros hijos y nietos vamos a trabajar, luchar y correr para escapar de una PESADILLA.

Todo un nuevo paradigma, sin duda.

¿ Qué hacer ? nos preguntábamos. Obviamente, cuando una sociedad se "estropea" más allá de cierto punto, la solución viene de el cambio de los supuestos primeros de dicha sociedad, esto es, de una REVOLUCIÓN.

Sí, pero, ¿qué clase de Revolución? ¿Cómo se toma el PALACIO DE INVIERNO en mayo de 2010?

Más aún, ¿ Cúal es el Palacio de Invierno ? El Palacio de Invierno es, obviamente, el del MAGO de OZ, y para aquellos que no estén familiarizados con el simbolismo de dicha conocida fábula, aclaramos que dicho palacio es LA CASA DEL DINERO. Y no hay otro.

- No son las "opciones" de Partidos. Ni la filosofía política. Eso acabó hace tiempo. Sólo es decorado.
- No son las leyes ni quién las hace. Son sólo administradores de los asuntos de los Señores.
- No son los Sacerdotes ni sus doctrinas. Ignoran u ocultan quién es el verdadero Señor del Tiempo.

El Cerebro, el Corazón y los Pulmones de toda sociedad es, simplemente, el DINERO. Siempre hemos vivido en una Monarquía Absoluta, pero ahora, sumidos en el terror y la confusión, tenemos una oportunidad de ver detrás del telón y empaparnos a fondo de dicha evidencia, y comprenderla en toda su extensión.

Ahora bien, el DINERO ha alcanzado actualmente su pleno desenvolvimiento, la edad de la madurez de toda Institución: Es una IDEA activa socialmente, y como tal, puede y debe jugarse con todas sus posibilidades como, desde hace más de mil años venimos jugando y reflexionando con todas las demás instituciones de la vida en sociedad.

Y, por tanto, hay que poner luz y taquígrafos en el juego oculto - y conscientemente oculto- de los detentadores actuales de la Casa del Dinero: LOS BANQUEROS, tanto los Generales - Bancos Centrales - , como el resto de la Oficialidad - Bancos Comerciales.

Y arrojarles, a ellos y al tipo de Dinero que controlan, del Palacio de Invierno.

Por tanto, la fórmula programática de la única Revolución eficaz en esta hora es:


Así que, volviendo a la pregunta ¿ Qué hacer ? La respuesta se desprende sola : Estudia los Planos de la Estrella de la Muerte hasta que te los sepas de memoria.

Abandona la filosofía, la ciencia y el arte
Abandona el estéril juego político y sus espejos
Concentra todo tu tiempo libre, todo tu estudio, todo tu esfuerzo, en entender, dominar y saber todos los secretos del Señor del Tiempo: EL DINERO.

Crea círculos de Debate, Asociaciones, Redes, etc.
Este movimiento ya ha comenzado, especialmente en los USA. Hay ya toda una pléyade de vídeos, libros y blogs dedicados a la Filosofía Monetaria. Búscalos.

Quieres hacer algo, ser un Revolucionario, hacer algo para salvar a tus hijos y nietos?


Este es el único saber necesario actualmente, el más celosamente guardado desde hace siglos: LA FILOSOFÍA MONETARIA. Cuando cada hijo de vecino sepa tanto del Dinero como cada habitante del Imperio Bizantino llegó a saber de Teología, de modo natural recuperaremos la SOBERANÍA SOBRE EL DINERO, y con ella la soberanía sobre nuestras vidas.

¿ Quieres luchar ?

Este es el Símbolo : La expulsión de los Banqueros - no los mercaderes - del Templo.



"I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, ...The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply." - Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1815

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe that there would be a revolution before morning. And that revolution would be based around the Federal Reserve."
- Henry Ford

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Parece que desde el pasado mes de Agosto el Hellenic Post Bank adquirió cerca de 1.200 millones de euros en CDS sobre la deuda soberana Griega, cuando el spread con el bono alemán era a 135 puntos básicos. El Hellenic Post Bank poseía 15% del total del volumen de CDS sobre la deuda griega. Uno puede pensar que podía ser una política racional de control de riesgos, ya que seguramente el Hellenic Post Bank tiene unos cuantos miles de millones de euros en bonos de deuda Griega en su balance. Lo más curioso de todo, es que el pasado mes de Diciembre procedió a vender los CDS cuando el spread de la deuda Griega contra el Bund alemán era de 235 puntos básicos, anotándose una interesante ganancia.

Así que se da la paradoja que mientras por aquel entonces el Gobierno griego aseguraba que no iba a necesitar ningún plan de rescate, un banco público griego era el principal comprador de coberturas para protegerse del impago de la deuda soberana…. en fin… lo dicho la culpa es de Spectre, no es una cuestión ni de solvencia ni de credibilidad.