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The difference between A and B is C. Hence, we have :


Otherways, as it is a near universal wrong asumption, we have to postulate the NOTHING qua NOTHING as the "difference", or either mix orders and convert it into a VERB, but a verb, again, devoid of a subjet, hence, an absurd and impossible verb without an actor, a mere creature of childish imagination.

That is: A NOTHING B

Once you admit this structure, then you have to play with yourself and the world the hoax of "hiding the third element" and then claiming that "tertium non datur" .

So, if we refer to natural bodies, we place ourselves in a nightmarish universe, in which between one piece of terrain and another, again, lies the NOTHING, which is obviously false but it is the pleasure of mathematicians to write it on their papers, without any respect whatsoever to the real structure of the real world.

And hence, the so-called abstract name SPACE is also postulated as a variety of the NOTHING, since it is by definition the negation of any particular place or body. It is in fact a NO-"locus".

This is also a complete fraud regarding the meaning of the words, i.e., SPATIUM meant, precisely, a terrain between other two terrains.

And, by this whole crooked construction we came to the impossible number, that is, NUMBER TWO.

Impossible and absurd.

First, on the "re" side of the question, number two is thought as one thing on one side, another thing on the other side and between them, again THE NOTHING.

Second, from the "sign" side the "2" sign, by definition signals neither A nor B specifically, and, besides, on itself is a unity. Hence, since it signals neither A nor B, what is referring to?

So, BINARY SYSTEMS are all based on this "trilero" game of hiding the third element and then claiming there is not a third element on the table.

The basic structure of Binary Systems is : 0/1. But, once again, the transition element, "/" is presented as non existent, kind of "be quiet, let us not say a word about it". We use it, but we pretend that we use NOTHING.

If we say, as with the foundations of Computing Machines that there are only two states, one a "light turn on", and another "light turn off", we are again playing the same childish game as with space referred to above.

It must, by necessity, there exist a third state, unles we say "there is no third state", and therefore between 0 and 1, between "turn on" and "turn off" states, lies again, as a kind of hidden sin, THE NOTHING.

But, even accepting this lunatic mode of thought, such NOTHING is nevertheless a THIRD element and there is no way on earth to get rid of its presence.

Let us summarize:

A NOTHING B is the exact formula of stupidity.

ACB is a thruthfull account of what reality shows itself to be directly and with our full senses. There is no need whatsoever to postulate contradictory demi-gods such as THE NOTHING qua NOTHING.

Alas, let us all meet in BEDLAM world of Binary Nothing Arithmetics !

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